Jacob Springer


Machine Learning PhD student @ CMU


Hello! I am a PhD student in the Machine Learning department at Carnegie Mellon University where I am especially fortunate to be advised by Aditi Raghunathan.

I’m interested in understanding how and what neural networks learn, especially as you scale up. I have also spent a lot of time thinking about robustness in neural networks and how we can take insights from neuroscience to improve upon machine learning. Previously, I was an undergrad at Swarthmore College, and I have spent time as a research intern at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, MIT, and Los Alamos National Laboratory, where I worked with many lovely people. Please reach out if you want to chat about anything (I do love talking about research)!

Publications and Manuscripts

  1. If You’ve Trained One You’ve Trained Them All: Inter-Architecture Similarity Increases With Robustness. Jones, Haydn T; Springer, Jacob M; Kenyon, Garrett T; Moore, Juston S. UAI 2022. (Oral)
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